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Schooner Point Bed & Breakfast


Tucked down in the heart of Looe is Schooner Point Bed & Breakfast, which was taken over this year by Paula and Tom.

Schooner Point is one of the highest rated B&Bs on TripAdvisor and enjoys many very positive reviews, but the website they adopted with the business was extremely outdated, with no mobile responsive functionality and no way for them to alter content themselves.  Their webmaster could take two weeks to change text or images for them, which was an extreme frustration for the new and excited owners who wanted to boast of their new room decor and developments. 

The Challenge

Their biggest challenge was the one I concentrate most on when making websites for clients.  Paula and Tom are self-proclaimed technophobes, who were not only extremely nervous about 'how' to use a website, but also felt overwhelmed with the process of running one.  "What's a domain name?  Hosting?  AAAAAH" are a few quotes I can attach to them.  The website needed to be extremely user friendly, not just for the viewers, but Paula and Tom who would act as its administrators. 

Regarding the website itself, we established that it needed several galleries to present each separate room, and also a section where they could show images and information about Looe itself, in order to (wisely) show potential customers what they could enjoy during a stay at Schooner Point, especially in the tourist activity rich and bustling town of Looe. 

An additional challenge was related to access for their current site and the ability to actually upload the new website to their hosting -which they had no real access to and a quiet webmaster.


The solution

After speaking together about the project, we decided that a fresh, seaside toned and scrollable website with lots of images and easy navigation would suit the Schooner Point well. 

Most pages boast a colourful banner that proves attractive with Paula's enjoyment of photography, with clear headings and easily readable paragraph text presented beneath.  

The rooms are presented on a single and easily scrollable page, which translates perfectly to mobile use, and with each room section boasting an image gallery and paragraph.  At the bottom of each page, an attractive graphic clicks through to their preferred booking system, FreetoBook.

Customers can also benefit from the Google Map which sits alongside the travel information and -should they wish to- a simple contact form makes enquiries a simple task.  The mobile version also boasts a "Click to Call" function which, again, makes an impulsive customer enquiry -and the likliehood of the sale- all the more likely.

The website also presents an entire section on Looe itself, where Paula and Tom can add any number of pages (themselves) on local attractions and tourist interests.  If that weren't enough, they also make use of a "What's On" section, where they can similarly add pages about events that are taking place in Looe.  Not only does this make the Schooner Point a fantastic resource for tourist information -whether or not they intend to stay at Schooner Point- but it increases the chances of website viewers choosing the Bed & Breakfast as their place to stay.

Regarding Paula and Tom's technophobia, they have both found the website to be easily usable.  I often take note that they have completely updates various galleries or banner pictures on their site, as well as text and titles.  It was for their sake that I sought after an improved Editor and Media system than the one I've used previously, and am glad to say that it was the correct choice. For the most part, they needn't sign into their back end administration area, but actually sign in and navigate around their website and edit it on the front end.  

I offer this to all my clients.


One day, we'll say:

"Well...it all started with a coffee and a chat!"