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The Chancel


The Chancel is one of Plymouth's favourite restaurants. 

Boasting an extensive menu in its warm and inviting atmosphere, The Chancel also go to great lengths to encourage events and special nights for their regulars and new customers alike.


The Challenge

The Chancel's website was quite dated, not just with regard to features and mobile responsive function, but also in how it represented the restaurant in aesthetic design.  The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere which morphs from being a bustling place to have a casual coffee with style, to excitable group tapas, to the more romantic dinner date for two.  The Chancel is defined more by its character in the moment than by any particular colour scheme.  It seemed that the old design needed to be cast to the past and something that better represents The Chancel to be implemented in its place.


The other challenge was that -although dated and unusable on mobile- The Chancel's old website ranked well on Google's restaurant searches in Plymouth, so the website needed to pack an impressive punch and make the most of the opportunity when found by hungry Googlers on the move.  The website, therefore, needed to be smoothly mobile responsive, effective in its presentation of menus, with an easy way for customers to book a table as soon as they saw something that made them think "oooh....yum!"


The Solution

After sitting with Paula to discuss the site, we had decided that the old red colour scheme needed to give way to The Chancel's fresh new look, which was a combination of black, white and...anything else!  I had also seen websites that Paula felt drawn to, which often featured strong photography of the food and eating environment.  I decided a background slideshow would make the restaurant the star of the website, as it should be.  With the transitioning images of the beautiful exterior, the atmospheric interior and the gorgeous food, website users are immediately immersed in the restaurant itself, and not some colour scheme representative. 


Overlaying the background slideshow is the all important information, which keeps a consistent format throughout all pages, so users are immediately familiar with how to use the website.  The semi-transparent center box allows the character to spill through while still creating a suitable backdrop for the information on the page. 


The site features easy navigation through the food menus, simple table booking and contact forms, as well as Google Maps and reviews.  But in addition to this 'brochure' features, I felt it was necessary to streamline Paula's dedicated Social Media campaign.  To do this, we implemented a two category blog, for events and news, which easily shares out to social media.  So, Paula needs only to write one post to her blog and hit share on social media.  This not only streamlines her own workflow, but provides a consistent message for The Chancel across all social platforms.


Obviously, booking a table is of great important to a restaurant website.  Paula chose not to have a native booking system within the site as she wanted to prioritise and encourage phone booking.  We, therefore, decided upon a simple layout on the Table Booking page which featured the phone number in the prominent position and a simple booking form beneath.  For those on a mobile device, an easy "Click to Call" button displays on the screen.


To finish it off, the website boasts a gorgeous and versatile image gallery, which can display multiple categories of images from events, food or the Chancel itself.  This -again- helps to make the restaurant, itself, the star and focus of the website.





One day, we'll say:

"Well...it all started with a coffee and a chat!"